Women in View’s 7th On Screen Report documents women’s employment in Canada’s publicly funded film, television and documentary from 2019 to 2021 with data on Black women, Indigenous Women, Women of Colour and Gender Diverse people who identify beyond the binary of cisgender men and cisgender women throughout.

The report takes a deep dive into gender representation and diversity in Canada’s English-language screen industry, examining how multiple aspects of identity—most prominently race and gender—intersect when it comes to accessing employment and funding. The findings reveal precarious progress around parity gains and many setbacks for women and gender diverse creatives in the industry. For example, while Indigenous women and gender diverse creatives saw small gains in film, they experienced huge losses in their share of work in television. Black women, as another example, had the least representation across all key creative roles, led the fewest projects, and received the least funding overall and on average. Of the 5919 credits examined in this report, 71% were by cisgender males.

These findings suggest that the hard-earned progress that began to pick up speed in 2019, is fragile and that more sustainable infrastructure must be developed to ensure parity and importantly equity gains withstand market pressure. 

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